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About Us


Welcome To Our Store. 

I Have Been Told Several Times Over Now That Entering My Store Is Akin To Going On A Treasure Hunt.  I Don't Know About That But You Can Be, Rest Assured, That Me and My Scantily33x Team Have Put Our Hearts & Souls Into Bringing Together Collections for People Who Love to Love & Who Are Not Afraid To Show It.  I Believe That People Who Have Adventurous, Playful, Loving & Bold Souls Will Have a Blast Shopping With Us. 

Anyone Who Loves Animals Or Their Pet & Wants To Express It In A Sweet And Stylish Way, Will Surly Be Delighted To Shop In Our Store.  As Will Anyone, Who Wants To Share Something Cute, Sexy, Stylish, Fun, Sweet, Private, Not So Private, With Their Partner.  Not To Mention Our Super Eclectic Jewelry & Lingerie Collection For The Bold. 

We Here At Scantily33x, Pride Ourselves With Having Something To Offer Almost Everyone, No Matter What Their Tastes Are & No Matter How Big Or Small Your Wallet Is, We Will Have A Treasure In Here That Is Unique & And That Carries With It, A Symbolic Expression, That Reflects A Part Of You. 

We Do This By Having, Thoughtful Eclectic Collections, Consisting Of Unique, Quality Items.  We Have Lacey Romantic, Lacey HOT, Lacey Bold, Silky & Soft, Leather, Studded Leather, Latex & More.....We Carry Sophisticated & Even Conservative Styles, We Carry Timeless Classics. We Have Playful & Fun, Costumes For Adults, Matching Undies For Couples Love Or For Our Her's and His Collection, With Her's and His, Jewelry As Well.  Yes, Lets Not Forget The Jewelry Collection, That Is Just As Eclectic As Our Lingerie Collection.  With That Being Said, We Welcome You To Our Store. 


Should You Have Any Complaints, Concerns, Questions Of Any Sort, Suggestions, Ideas, Constructive Criticism, Or If You Just Want to Say, "Hello" & Introduce Yourself, We Would Love To Hear From You.  


Understand That Before You Push That BUY BUTTON, That Most Orders Will Take, On An Average Of 10-25 Days & Sometimes Even Longer.  We Are Not Excited About The Slow Shipping To Our Valuable & Treasured Customers Either But Understand That This Is How We Are Able To Offer Such Fantastic Prices For Such Quality Products.  So Please Be Aware Of This Before Hand and Please Be Patient.  Your Products Are On Their Way & Once Again, Please Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us Should You Feel The Need To Do So & For Anything At All.  We Can Help To Reassure You Or Answer Questions, Etc......We Are Here And We Care About Our Customers, Just As We Care About Animals, All Living Creatures, People Everywhere and Our Planet.


So Before You Go To Leave a Poor Review, Remember That If You Just Communicate With Us, That There Is Nothing That We Can't Work Out.  Our Goal Is To Make Sure That Each and Everyone Of Our Customers Is Not Only Satisfied But Extremely Happy With Their Shopping Experience & With Their Product.




Dara Muller C.E.O.